How to film whales, swim with sharks and dodge guerillas: lessons from Blue Planet's cameraman

When BAFTA-winning cameraman Patrick Dykstra, submerged in the Norwegian sea, came within inches of being crashed into by a humpback whale, he described it not as a harrowing ordeal, or even a bit of a shock, but as "the greatest moment of my life".

Exclusive: Rare, Mysterious Whales Filmed Professionally for the First Time

Gervais’ beaked whales are easily one of the most elusive mammals to swim through our oceans. Most of the information we have about them comes from studies of corpses that have washed ashore, and the first live whale was only spotted about 20 years ago.

Incredible images glimpse inside the world of a whale whisperer

INCREDIBLE images give a glimpse inside the world of a jet-setting whale whisperer – who was once nearly swallowed whole by a hungry humpback. Wildlife filmmaker Patrick Dykstra, 38, gave up a high-flying job as a corporate lawyer in 2013 to follow his dream of documenting Blue Whales – the largest creatures to ever grace the Earth.

How to take great pictures and video underwater, according to a Blue Planet II cameraman

Whether with a new breed of waterproof smartphone or underwater camera, taking pictures and filming under the sea is increasingly an option for us all. Of course, if you want to get those all important jealousy-inducing Instagram snaps, you’re going to want to show your followers just how crystal clear the water and how colourful the fish really were.

Mysterious Blue Whale Behavior Likely Filmed for First Time

Blue whales are the largest animals on Earth, but we know surprisingly little about their complex social interactions-and they’ve rarely been recorded on camera. But new footage filmed off the coast of Sri Lanka by pro whale photographer Patrick Dykstra, in conjunction with blue whale independent researcher Howard Martenstyn, claims to be a first.

Blue Planet 2 trailer: Radiohead and Hans Zimmer score David Attenborough’s latest ocean odyssey

It was announced earlier this month that Zimmer and Radiohead had worked together on recording an orchestrally re-imagined version of Radiohead’s song Bloom, which originally featured on their 2011 album The King Of Limbs. The new track, called (ocean) Bloom, sees Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke in a new recording of the track, accompanied by the BBC Concert Orchestra.

35,000-Pound Humpback Whale Nearly Swallows Diver, Video Shows

Stunning underwater footage recently caught the moment a 35,000-pound humpback whale nearly swallowed a diver in the Norwegian Sea. Patrick Dykstra, the owner of Picture Adventure Expeditions, told ABC News today that the close encounter happened this Monday, when he was leading photographers on an underwater expedition off the coast of northern Norway.

Dramatic moment a huge humpback whale nearly crashes into a diver

Photographer Patrick Dyksta was underwater filming orcas in Norway All of a sudden, a 35,000lb humpback whale nearly collided with him The massive beast changed course at the last moment This is the astonishing moment an enormous humpback whale nearly crashed straight into a diver.

Coco Collection launches residency with renowned underwater videographer Patrick Dykstra

Coco Collection has partnered with renowned wildlife photographer and videographer Patrick Dykstra, as part of the group's commitment to raising awareness about marine life conservation.

Underwater Photographer of the Week: Patrick Dykstra | Underwater360

Known for his willingness to take his camera into areas where others would prefer not to go, Patrick Dykstra has captured incredible images both above and below the waves. From capturing Yemeni tribes to shooting underwater Antarctic icebergs, Dykstra has carved a career out of picturing the extraordinary.

Incredible Rare Drone Footage Of Orcas Shows The Beauty Of The Wild

Incredible footage has captured rare angles of more than one hundred killer whales in the wild. Filmed in November in the fjords of northern Norway, it was shot by wildlife filmmaker Patrick Dykstra. The 36-year-old was able to capture incredible close-up shots of the whales in the freezing Arctic water – and also employed a drone to take stunning aerial views of the magnificent sea mammals.

WATCH: Incredible drone footage of Humpback Whales’ feeding frenzy in Norway

Shot in November by wildlife filmmaker Patrick Dykstra, 36, in Northern Norway, this incredibly rare footage shows the giant sea mammals hunting in unison. The US photographer saw around 100 humpbacks in the same area, each weighing around 30 tons. Lunge feeding involves whales swallowing massive amounts of fish and then pushing out the water with their tongues.

You Won’t Believe This Amazing Drone Footage of Humpback Whales (VIDEO) – One Green Planet

Patrick Dykstra, the wildlife photographer who’s responsible for the video above, has been following and documenting groups of whales for some time now. To create this video, he used drones to capture these fantastic aerial shots of a pod of humpback whales feeding on herring. Humpback whales are the largest animals on the planet.

Adventure photographer captures incredibly rare footage of blue whales

Patrick Dykstra captured footage in what was reported to be one of the best whale watching seasons in Sri Lanka The photographer recorded a baby whale being fed by its mother a nd took rare pictures of pygmy sperm whales Tourist can join a professional photography team and get up-close photographs with Natural World Safaris The waters of Sri Lanka are one of the best places to see the majestic blue whale – and a photographer who films them there has underlined exactly why.

Lucky divers capture breathtaking underwater photographs of sperm whales

Lucky divers had the opportunity to get up close to a magnificent pod of sperm whales as they swam past them during an underwater ‘safari’ trip. Filmed near the shores of island country Dominica, this incredible footage was shot by US videographer Patrick Dykstra, 35, who has been photographing whales for over ten years.

Travel Style: Patrick Dykstra

Want to know how to travel in style, just like the pros? We check in with frequent fliers to find out how often they fly, their favorite destinations and what they never leave home without.

Patrick Dykstra – Live & Learn

“When Patrick Dykstra saw a life-sized replica of a blue whale in the Smithsonian at age 16, he dreamed of having an underwater encounter with the biggest animal on Earth, according to the Daily Mail.

Blue whales playing in the ocean captured in drone footage

This is the thrilling moment a man achieved his life’s dream and get up close and personal with the largest creatures ever to have lived. Filmmaker Partick Dykstra took photos and recorded footage via a remote control drone of his brush with blue whales.

Swim with giant blue whales and promote their conservation

This year, why not try exploring the ocean with underwater safari that takes you up close and personal to the sea’s biggest creatures-whales. Deep sea diving expertise is not needed for this one-of-a-kind excursion offered by Natural World Safaris.

Sri Lanka’s Amazing Maritime | Home page

Howard Martenstyn (author ‘Out of the Blue’) Sri Lanka’s Amazing Maritime (SLAM) provides information and advice on marine life and heritage sites.

Blue Planet II cameraman is nearly swallowed by whale

Cameraman nearly swallowed whole by a huge humpback whale while filming American Patrick Dykstra was filming in the Norwegian sea when it appeared He can be heard shouting as the 14-ton whale swerves to avoid him just in time This is the astonishing moment a cameraman was nearly swallowed whole by a huge humpback whale while filming for Blue Planet II.