Picture Adventure Expeditions is Dedicated To Giving You The Experience of Being in the Heart of a National Geographic or BBC Wildlife Documentary.

Picture Adventure Expeditions is dedicated to giving you the experience of being in the heart of a National Geographic or BBC wildlife documentary. I have been on-site with numerous professional film crews over the past decade and I decided that these unique encounters and experiences should not be limited to those with a career in wildlife photography and cinematography.Each Picture Adventure Expedition is meticulously researched and planned, just as the finest nature documentary film shoots are. Expeditions are timed to coincide with the optimal time of year to witness specific behaviors and activities. Small groups, usually limited to four guests, ensure the highest quality encounters and maximum personal attention.I have been at the forefront of numerous natural discoveries over the past several years, including being involved in the discovery and research of what is thought to be the world’s largest colony of blue whales in Sri Lanka. I was among the first (and from all accounts THE first) to enter the water with the killer whales of Iceland. I documented the eruption of the Nyamuragira volcano in Congo from inside the eruption crater on behalf of the volcanology research center in Goma.Because of these experiences and many more, Picture Adventure Expeditions situates you on the vanguard of natural discovery. Imagine swimming alongside the largest animal to ever inhabit the planet, the blue whale, at arm’s length distance, or stalking a pride of lions on foot to witness them devouring their breakfast from the cover of a bush.

These are the kind of epic experiences that Picture Adventure is all about.

Breathe-Taking Photography

Please take a moment to browse my photos on Gallery page.  I hope you like what you see.  My goal on each expedition is to capture  photo or video of you having the time of your life and enjoying amazing encounters.  I want you to cherish every moment of your Picture Adventure Expedition, but I also want you to have great photographs and/or videos so that you can remember your experience forever and share it with your family and friends.

Please take a moment to view our photos:


I am often asked about safety, and for good reason. Each Picture Adventure expedition is on the cutting edge, but that does not mean they are dangerous. In over a decade of expedition guiding, I have a perfect safety record. This includes working with small groups in close proximity to great white sharks, killer whales, leopard seals, lions, frozen ice caves, exploding volcanoes, and more.
Each guest is briefed in advance on how to prevent injury on an expedition. Every detail of the journey is planned to ensure safety for all. Of course the expedition will include thrilling close encounters, but nothing is worth putting guests in harm’s way and risk jeopardizing the next adventure!


A professional photographer accompanies you to ensure that you amaze your family and friends with images and videos of your expedition.