The Picture Adventure team has led intrepid explorers and film crews on expeditions to view and document natural wonders above and below the water on all seven continents.


BAFTA award winning cameraman Patrick was born in Denver, Colorado, USA. He studied at Florida State University and graduated summa cum laude with a degree in communications. He also attended law school at New York University, where he graduated with a juris doctorate degree after serving on the school’s prestigious law review publication. Known for his willingness to take his camera into areas where others would prefer not to go, Patrick has captured fascinating images in Yemeni tribal areas, the heart of the Congo, Somaliland, and underneath Antarctic icebergs to name a few. He recently finished filming for the BBC’s Blue Planet 2 and is now working with both National Geographic and the BBC on upcoming projects.  His other clients include Emirates Airlines, the government of Djibouti, the government of Sri Lanka, Borderlands, and a host of other private individuals and companies. Patrick was at the forefront of the exploration and documentation of the blue whales of Sri Lanka and the killer whale migration to Iceland and Norway. He is an avid skydiver, scuba diver, hang glider pilot, and caver, and possesses an enthusiastic willingness to explore and document any location. Patrick has lived in Cairns, Australia; London, England; Florence, Italy, and several states across America. He is currently based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, although he typically spends about 300 days per year in the field.



Joshua is an avid underwater photographer and expedition leader based in Bangalore, India. Josh has been published in over 40 newspapers and magazines over the years, including National Geographic, International Wildlife, the Washington Post and others. Joshua keenly explores the coasts and islands of the world for new locations and great sea life encounters. Taking the time to scout new locations, gathering information from locals, scientists, and like-minded adventurers, Joshua has developed a knowledge base of diverse locations and the best times and ways to visit, for the best encounters. From Central Madagascar to North Sumatra, Southern Ethiopia to North-east India Joshua has searched for and found outstanding locations for pristine wildlife encounters and photography. In 2016, Joshua’s group with Picture Adventure were the first non-professionals to photograph transient orcas underwater off Sri Lanka – and among the first anywhere in the world to do so. As an accomplished photographer himself, Joshua works with his expedition clients to guide them in using the right equipment, the right settings, and the finding the right moments and perspectives to get the shots that his clients come across the world to capture.


“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” – Unknown