Orca, Humpback & Beautiful Norway

  • Are you ready to witness one of the ocean's apex predators?
  • Be a part of a small team as we film, for the tenth season, the magnificent orca and humpback whales of Norway.


Be one of only four guests per trip as we swim with orca and humpback whales in the beautiful fjords of Northern Norway.

You will also have excellent opportunities to view the Northern Lights…from our cabins and from an optional dog sledding trip into the dark forests . Each morning we leave on our private boat for several hours of killer whale and humpback whale interaction. Each night, we return to the comfort of our private cabins.

You can rent a drysuit in Norway, or bring your own. No previous experience necessary.

Patrick Dykstra and Joshua have photographed and filmed for the BBC, National Geographic, Emirates Airlines, the Government of Djibouti and many others. In 2015 they filmed, for the first time ever, a blue whale suckling from its mother, and their work has appeared in documentaries, on magazine covers and in awards shows around the world.

The Location

Northern Norway is our base as we venture offshore to photograph the mighty killer whale and large groups of feeding humpback whales. Unprecedented numbers of herring having started appearing off of the North coast of Norway in recent years….and with the herring came the killer whales. We will have our own chartered boat to get up close to the whales in their natural environment.

Northern Lights

As luck would have it, prime time for viewing killer whales in Norway is also the best time of year for spotting the northern lights.  This part of Norway is squarely in the “aurora oval”, which is the world’s preeminent place to view the northern lights.  Picture Adventure has several years of experience in the area and will ensure that we are in the best locations for capturing images of the amazing light displays.

The Killer Whale

The orca, or killer whale, is one of the ocean’s most striking and social inhabitants. A member of the oceanic dolphin family, killer whales are highly intelligent and are found in all of the world’s oceans. Male killer whales typically range from of six to eight meters (20 to 26 feet) and weigh in excess of 6 tons (12,000 pounds). Despite its massive size, the killer whale is among the fastest animals in the sea, reaching speeds of up to 56 km/h (35mph).

We closely monitor the killer whale’s new location for winter feeding and identify where the killer whales are the most predictably spotted. Picture Adventure is joined by researchers and scientists as they gather information. There is also an extremely high likelyhood that we will swim with humpback whales.

The Humpback Whale

One of the most loved members of the whale family, the highly social humpbacks have also flooded into the fjords of Northern Norway in recent winters to partake in the herring feast.  We hope to witness group and solo lunge feeding displays, and to swim with the gentle giants.

Picture Adventure Expeditions

Picture Adventure hosts a very small number of guests on bold “expeditions of a lifetime”. Each Picture Adventure expedition is highly customized and often requires working in close partnership with top researchers to ensure that we are on the vanguard of what the natural world has to offer.


First Departure

Nov 04-Nov 11, 2023


Second Departure

Nov 13-Nov 20, 2023


Third Departure

Nov 22-Nov 29, 2023


Cost Inquire for pricing

Duration 8 days

Max. No. of Guests 4

Registration Deposit of $2,500 USD (required to hold your space, full payment due 90 days before departure)

Included Activities Snorkeling with killer whales, humpbacks and guided photography of the northern lights. Price includes all transfers within the country, accommodation, guides, professional photography and instruction, all dives/snorkeling.

Excluded Airfare to Tromso, Norway (Nov) or Bardufoss, Norway (Jan). Meals (self catering).

Notes If you would like to join on the boat each day, but not swim. The cost is $4000.