Picture Adventure offers a unique experience to swim with humpback whales - in a secluded, tranquil location with year-round crystal clear waters


Picture Adventure is known for searching the world for the most amazing wildlife encounters: not booking guests on existing trips – but building them.  After years of scouting locations for the great humpback encounters, we are pleased to offer our own corner of the Pacific for peaceful, relaxed and amazing humpback encounters.

An Isolated Paradise

Before you even go to sea, your experience will be unique.  Taking the only, once a week flight to a very little country (Population 1,600), you are transported to what the world looked like before mass tourism, before hotel chains, before fast food. Staying in a lovely guest house next to the sea, you will experience a place where doors are never locked, everyone knows each other – and the same three immigration officers you met on landing are also the police force… and the port customs at the nation’s tiny dock.  There are phenomenal jungle treks, caves that you enter on land and exit into the sea, and unearthly landscapes that let you know you are somewhere very special.

A Beautiful Ocean

And then there is the sea.  Boasting the highest visibility in the world, you will snorkel reefs of dazzling colour and diversity, teeming with fish in seemingly impossible multitudes, and an abundance of sea snakes – including an endemic species. There are always dolphins to be seen, friendly pods of bottlenose and several other species. On dives, you will see mantas in water so clear that it often seems like they are flying through the air, and swim through incredible underwater caves.

And Then The Whales.

Humpbacks come to the quiet waters of our little paradise just like Tonga – to raise their calves and rest before they return to the cold and rugged waters of the Antarctic.  In incredible visibility, with very few others around, you will have the chance to swim with these incredible creatures.

Picture Adventure Expeditions

Picture Adventure hosts a very small number of guests on bold “expeditions of a lifetime”.  Each Picture Adventure expedition is highly customized and often requires working in close partnership with top researchers to ensure that we are on the vanguard of what the natural world has to offer.  We have built this custom expedition just for our guests – and invite you to be one of them.


First Departure

Jul 24, 2021 - Jul 30, 2021

Arrive Day Before Leaving (Intl Date Line)

Second Departure

Jul 31, 2021 - Aug 07, 2021

Arrive Day Before Leaving (Int'l Date Line)

Duration 8 days

Max. No. of Guests 4

Included Activities Transfer to-from airport; lodging (twin share); boat trips/whale swimming (6 days); local excursions

Excluded Flights; food and drink; scuba diving (optional)