INDIA – RHINOS, TIGERS & MORE! weekend>weekend schedules

INDIA – RHINOS, TIGERS & MORE! weekend>weekend schedules , INDIA

FEW PLACES IN THE WORLD CAN MATCH THE TERAI OF NORTH INDIA. Incredible Wildlife surrounded by scenic splendour. Sitting at the foothills of the Himalayas, the Terai is home to Elephants, Tigers, Leopards, Rhinos and more. Picture Adventure offers a unique opportunity to see them in their secluded locations away from the crowds. We have built these exclusive trips in conjunction with top photographers and researchers- selecting locations based on that year’s best chance for tigers and cubs. This year, our hand-picked location offers not only Tiger families, but Rhino, Elephant, Gangetic Dolphin, Gharial and more. 


A vast majority of visitors to India’s to national parks come for their tigers – and almost all of those visitors cram into a handful of the most famous.  And while those famous parks do have healthy tiger populations and good odds of sightings, their popularity means that you will by vying for space with dozens and dozens of jeeps – sometimes waiting for your turn to get near.  You will always be sharing your jeep with strangers.  And, with a myriad assortment of resorts and even budgets lodges in the vicinity, these parks will always be full –  and your experience diluted. We have taken a different approach.  Instead of going to famous parks and hoping to find something, we have first found great wildlife and work out a way to take you there. Picture Adventure’s guide Joshua Barton is based in India and, using his years of relationships with a network of photographers, conservationists, park rangers and more, he has identified great tiger locations in less visited sanctuaries – some not even full-fledged national parks. Finding out places where tigresses have had or will soon have cubs and adds to the uniqueness and special experience. Because these locations have less visitors, there is also less tourism infrastructure – but by pre-booking our groups a year in advance, we have ensured to get good jeeps exclusively for our guests, and fixed up lodges to meet basic expectations.  You can have a 5 star resort with a crowd…or an amazing tiger experience in an authentic, comfortable lodge with delicious food.

ABOUT THE WILDLIFE                                                                                                                         

Tigers Abound.  In both of the sanctuaries you will visit, there are a high number of tigers, and the second location has two tigresses with cubs this year.  Nature is never predictable, and sightings cannot be guaranteed, but odds are very strong here!

Elephants  Roam. There are always elephant in Dudhwa, and you will have amazing sightings in the prettiest landscape India has to offer.

Rhino Thrive. Dudhwa is a relocation sanctuary for the Indian one-horned rhino.  Since being re-introduced in the mid 1980’s their numbers have increased dramatically.  Your trip includes an elephant-back safari (2 guests per elephant) to get up close and personal with these incredible creatures.

Dolphin and Gharial Await.  Nearby to one of your lodges, there is a river sanctuary where you can take an optional boat trip to see gangetic dolphin and the incredible Indian gharial.  You will even visit a gharial breeding facility to see hatchlings.




First Departure

Oct 01, 2023 - Mar 31, 2024


Cost Inquire for pricing

Duration 8 days

Max. No. of Guests 4 guests

Included Activities Delhi-Lucknow flights, vehicles to/between parks, Safaris, Elephant Safaris, Lodging, Meals, Permits, 5 Star Hotel- Delhi, Airport Transfer.

Excluded International Flights, Alcohol, Room Service/ Extra Meals, Last meal in Delhi, Optional River Safaris and Tips.