You are considering investing in the trip of lifetime. You should hear from travelers who have been on an expedition that I have led to better understand the service and types of experiences that I provide. You may consider asking former clients to share photos or videos from their trip(s) with you. A selection of testimonials is listed here, but feel free to email me for others.

I have been with Pat on many expeditions over the years and I continue to return because he offers a service that cannot be found elsewhere in the market. I have assisted endangered sea turtles in making their way to the ocean, been approached by a baby gorilla in the Congo and swam with whale sharks in crystal clear water. I have never felt unsafe and his commitment to research, sometimes over the course of many years, has meant that we were in the perfect locations at the best time of year.

Sheila Shadmand
Partner – Jones Day
Email: [email protected]
Expeditions: Congo 2012 (Volcanos and Gorillas); Djibouti 2010 (Whale Sharks);
Oman 2010 (Green Sea Turtles)

Pat’s commitment to meticulous research is what sets him apart. I was amazed in Sri Lanka when we spoke to a professional film crew, with a massive budget, and their success rate of encounters on the water was significantly less than ours. After a few days of comparing photographs, they were trying to get Pat to coordinate their next film shoot! We had the right equipment, the best captain and the most refined technique, which combined to result in the spectacular images and videos you see on his website.

Anthony Diaz
U.S. Embassy – Rome
Email: [email protected]
Expeditions: Sri Lanka 2013 (Blue Whales); Congo 2012 (Volcanos and Gorillas)

Any adventure with Pat is sure to be full of fun and laughter. His great personality and sense of humor really set him apart. In addition to his gift for photography and for connecting with people from all over the world, he makes every expedition a pleasure.

Christin Cho
Partner – Dovel & Luner LLP
Email: [email protected]
Expeditions: Sea of Cortez (Whale Sharks 2006)

I have joined Pat on numerous expeditions and scouting trips and continue to be amazed at the incredible encounters he is able to provide. Passion, enthusiasm, skill with the camera…Picture Adventure brings the total package. There is no one I would recommend more highly in the adventure business.

Sorush Shawn Abboud
Financial Advisor – Morgan Stanley
Email: [email protected]
Expeditions: Guadalupe (Great Whites 2015); Iceland (Killer Whales 2014); Sri Lanka (Blue Whales 2013); Oman (Remote Canyons 2012)

When it comes to pushing the limits, and showing you how to push your own boundaries safely, Picture Adventure is second to none. From the the most dramatic underwater encounters, to the closest wildlife experiences, Picture Adventure is who you want to go with.

Roland Shine
Owner – AMT Environmental
Email: [email protected]
Expeditions: Zimbabwe (Big 5 on Foot 2013); Iceland (Killer whales and Northern Lights 2014); Sri Lanka (Blue whales 2015 & 2016); Dominica (Sperm whales 2016)