Sperm Whales in Paradise!

  • Swim with the World's Largest Predator.
  • Enjoy the "Garden Island" of the Caribbean.

Sperm Whales in Paradise! , Dominica

Sperm Whales in Paradise

Spend a week in the idyllic tropical paradise of Dominica…while seeking close encounters with the largest toothed carnivore on Earth, the sperm whale.   Sperm whales pose no danger to humans, and are in fact the easiest whales to approach. At over 20 meters in length, these gentle giants congregate in large numbers in the warm Dominican waters each winter.

We have been issued one of the very few permits that allows us to approach, and enter the water with, the sperm whales. If fact, we will be the only boat allowed to enter the water with sperm whales while we are there…and it is the peak time of year to be there. We will also seek to find orca, dolphins, beaked whales and any other creatures that the ocean should share with us.

Legendary Beauty 

Sperm whales were hunted mercilessly during the whaling era, but their population has made an amazing recovery in the years since the IWC stopped commercial whaling.  Herman Melville’s Moby Dick and the movie In the Heart of the Sea are stories inspired by the legendary sperm whale.  We will have a chance to enter their environment and experience their grace and beauty.

Picture Adventure Expeditions

Picture Adventure hosts a very small number of guests on bold “expeditions of a lifetime”. Each Picture Adventure expedition is highly customized and often requires working in close partnership with top researchers to ensure that we are on the vanguard of what the natural world has to offer.

Patrick Dykstra, an accomplished photographer with clients including the BBC, Emirates Airlines, Borderlands and other top global brands, designs and leads each journey to ensure that guests capture excellent photos and video, as well as advance their imaging skills. In addition, a goal of each expedition is to capture memorable photos and video of the guests enjoying their unique adventure.


First Departure

Feb 09-Feb 15, 2020

Second Departure

Feb 14-20, 2020

Third Departure

Feb 19-25, 2020

Fourth Departure

Feb 24-Mar 02, 2020

Cost USD 7,800 per person

Duration 7 days

Max. No. of Guests 4

Registration 50% Deposit required to reserve your space. (Full payment due 90 days prior to departure.)

Included Activities All permits, boat charter, captain, spotter, photographer, breakfast and lunch.

Excluded International flights to DOM airport in Dominica; transfer from airport to hotel.